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Marine Corps Flag

A little background...

When I joined the Marines, I thought I might be in for an adventure, and the Corps did not disappoint. I got to do awesome things, and travel to many places. My sense of Honor, Courage and Commitment was acquired through rigorous training and in arduous combat and support operations around the world. 

I learned that nothing was more important than the relationships forged with the men and women around me, and that both my attention to detail and ability to grasp the big picture could make the difference between life and death.

I served with HMM-261 as a Crew-chief during operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004, logging several hundred hours flying in combat missions, and providing casualty evacuations and ground operations support. 

CH-46 Helicopters near landing

I developed an affinity for numbers and general administration tasks while serving as an Embassy Guard in small detachments of Marines, so I put that to work after the service. I learned the science of bookkeeping from a CPA mentor, and I constantly hone the art of it through continuing education. 

Embassy of the United States of America Seal, carving on a wall

It was an honor to serve in small Marine detachments to the Department of State, providing security for US diplomatic personnel around the world.

I especially enjoyed working special duties with the Secret Service, protecting the highest levels of diplomats on their missions.

Life is a little less chaotic now that I’ve replaced uniformed life with family life in Caldwell ID.

My commitment is to filling that role well and providing them with the best life possible. 

It is to that end that I use my keen attention to detail and awareness in providing the best possible service to my clients.